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The proposal.

If you are web designer or web developper, then, Simplex Portal matters. Why? :

  • Subscribe and use Simplex Portal: Hosting & Support & wide range of unique tools offered through SimplexPortal.

  • Do your job: Design and create the website for your customers.

  • Sell the service to your customers - end users -  with the price you decide. The gross margin of the service is for you.

Why  does Simplex concerns you and your customers?

  • Because you will preserve the relationship with the custumer... you keep the hosting.

  • Because you can offer your custumer the updates and improvements we are implementing: Email Marketing, Local SEO, etc..

  • Because it's better for you to forget about all the complex installation and maintenance process.

  • Because we depend on you.Your requirements are ours and we will support you with new features and a nearby support.


Contact  us and one of our representatives will serve you without any commitment.