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Hotel reservations manager


What is the Booking Module?

A tool that will allow the final customers, easily, make reservations and also, make easier the Hotel Management for your customers.

Why should I use it?

Because it represents an added-value : You'll offer a Booking Management Tool, you'll provide a content manager, you'll provide an e-commerce platform and you'll also make available a tool to manage and promote their hotels if they have multiple locations.


What is the purpose of SimplexPortal Booking?


So easy for the guests make reservations

Optimize time

Provides to your customer, as the business manager, a tool that allows him to optimize time simplifying the management operations


Why should you be interested in this module?

Because it provides:


  • Reserves Management tools


  • Location Based Services


  • Secure payment -We are partners of PayPal


  • CMS


  • Easy to implement an e-commerce


Main Features

Define types / subtypes of rooms

Define the type of room in your hotel, familiar, double, single, etc...

Define your hotel rooms.

Includes descriptions of the room in different languages ​


Use the WIZARD OF PRICES to set prices

Define the price rates at once.

Choose the discounts or increases. As a percentaje or absolute value. Apply these discounts

Modifies prices with a single click.



Manages Reservations


  • Defines the dates of entry and exit


  • Communication with the user


  • Displays customer requests


  • Secure payment gateways


  • And all within SimplexPortal without plugings

All Simplicity



Booking Module I


Booking Module II