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CMS, easy and flexible as well as powerful

Not only another CMS

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No restrictions

SimplexPortal The CMS is designed for professional web.

Forget tools "with which anyone can design your website" or complicated content management systems that will "facilitate" the use of certain layouts.

SimplexPortal is to be a content manager with the web designers and programmers can express themselves without limitations, but that in turn makes managing content

Focus on your work

The SimplexPortal allows you to focus on your work. Set aside arduous and boring tasks management techniques and systems. No facilities, without having to worry about updates, bugs, backups. Only your web designs and program. Do your job.

Semantic URLs

URLs accessible completely transparent to the existence of CMS.

Ideal for SEO, memorize URLs, etc ....

Forget URLs strange and complicated rules for their definition. You have control over the URLs used to access your web resources.

This way you can get some URLs semantic, accessible and clean.


Apply filters on URL patterns, and can redirect pages, content, resources, etc ...

Easy configuration

Easily configure options CMS without modifying configuration files, system reboots, etc.

Everything from simple configuration screens.

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Rely on stages

With the availability of two stages, one for production and one for development, you can change what you want and show it when everyone gives its approval, publish.

No barriers, no restrictions

Simple templating language

Simple templating language based on Velocity.

Possibly, one of the oldest languages ​​of mercado.Al templates like the simplex, simple, powerful and well documented.

Templates unrestricted

Turn your web template without restrictions of any kind, respecting the layout you've designed.

Post any resources

Post directante your html, without complex integrations.

Full metadata management

Whimsy manipulates the request header and the metadata of your website.

Post forms

Post free forms, storing its contents or sent by email.

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Edit pages as you want

You can view and edit the template from the perspective of the designer canvas or from the HTML source.

No barriers, no restrictions.



Thanks to the intuitive content management system based on WYSIWYG, not very experienced users can manage their content.
Simply move your mouse over the area you want to edit, then click and edit while seeing all the time the result.


Before publishing the changes, you can easily preview, and even browse the entire site before publishing definitely.

Import / Export


Download your site with just a click!
Click "Import" to generate a local copy of all templates, styles and images. Be free to edit the local copy. Finally, click "Export" to upload all the material on the web.

Organizacion visual

Intuitive visual organization.

The content is structured in a single directory tree.

Easily upload files

Post any file with just one CLICK.
To upload several files at once, package them in a compressed file. SimplexPortal will zip and publish your content, fully respecting the directory structure.

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