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SimplexPortal, integral solution for web designers

More than a CMS

SimplexPortal is more than a common CMS. SimplexPortal is a complete technological platform that provides web professionals with:

  • A complete solution with no complex installations: CMS, online store, dynamic databases, management platform for local SEO, blog, Hotel Booking and also a wide range of features already developed/created or under development

  • A framework to create and design without restrictions. Structural limitations of your website will be virtually nonexistent.

  • A tool that enables your customers to manage contents easily.

  • The advantage of forgetting about  technical issues such as installation, maintenance, etc.

  • The oportunity to participate with us in our business model and profit throughout the existence of the site that you distribute to end users.

Common features

No restriction

  1. Don't worry about the technology. You should only take care about design.

  2. Have you finished the design process? Lay out with html, JavaScript and css (xhtml, xhtm5, CSS2, CSS3, etc.)

  3. Got it all ready? Transform it into templates using simple tags.


We put the emphasis on the ease of use. At first glance, you will understand how it works.

Publications Manager

Get a list of modifications. Publish only what you need and when you need.

Simple templating language

Simple templating language based on Velocity.


Compatible with current standards: CSS3, XHTML 1, XHTML 5, CSS2, Javascript, etc..


Lots of ready to use components. With the guarantee of SimplexPortal developers.

Friendly URLs

URLs:  Accessible, semantic with no strange parameters.

The best for SEO.


Manages multiple domains.

Cloud based / SAAS

Don't worry about hosting. Don't worry about the complex maintenance process. Welcome to the world of cloud and SAAS.

Coming soon with SimplexPortal

SimplexPortal is always evolving. We improve our service by listening to our partners. What they need is what we need.

We are currently working in the following modules:

  • Marketing: Create your own multichannel marketing campaigns using the same platform: email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • E-Learning : Create and manage complex e-learning platforms.

  • Web designers social network

Intuitive Content Management System

Once you've done your job and you have created the web, your customers will have an easy to use Content Management System.


Thanks to the intuitive content management system based on WYSIWYG, users with a very little experience can manage content.

Move your mouse over the area you want to edit, click, and edit, watching the result as you edit the site.

subir ficheros en simplex

Upload any file

Post any file with a single click.

And if you want to upload multiple files at once, package them into a compressed file. Zip and publish your content, fully respecting the structure of directories.

publicar en simplex

Write and Publish

Manage your content, pre-visualize the content and when everything is ready, publish!!

Nobody will see your changes until everything is ready.

Flexibility for your designs.

Free Look & Feel

Any style, any structure, no restrictions.

Any design sent  by the head designer.


Create your own templates to reuse them.

Modify the templates and see the changes on any pages based on them.

Always keep a copy of your Web

Import and export

Not many managers allow you to download your site with just a click.

Click "Import" and you will have a local copy of all templates, styles and images.

Edit the site on your computer, click "Export", and you'll have all the site uploaded.

importar y exportar

The compressed site. Zipped and organized.

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Create your own online shop

With no detriment to the flexibility and ease of use of the tool, you can create fully online shops as complex as your customers need.

All external services, no complex installations.

Powerful E-Commerce.

Relationships between products

You can create as many products as you need and stabilish the relations required among them.

Products Database

Complete products database.


Categorization of products with unlimited categories. Fully customization .


Organize your ​​products through the hierarchies you decide.

Manage your coupons easily

Promote your store

Coupons and discounts management.

Create and manage coupons, promotional codes and discounts.

Perfect on promotional and customer loyalty campaigns.

Decide the discount rate

You decide which coupon to apply : free shipping, percentage of the purchase, an absolute value, etc.

tipos de descuentos

Limit your discount vouchers

You can limit the number of vouchers and also the date and minimum and maximum purchases. It can be applied to a particular customer or indiscriminately to all customers.

Manage stocks and postage

restricción de stock


You will have a fully management system of your stock. It will avoid problems with suppliers and customers.

The system will notice you when your stock is under the threshold set.

Sell ​​as you like

You can sell your products while maintaining a fixed stock, not sell if your stock is minimal,  sell all the stock.

Manage your postage

You can manage different types of freights, generating costs based on the weight or type of shipment.

Many Payment methods

PayPal official partners

Simplex Portal e-Commerce allows you to create your own payment platform with no need of intermediaries that will charge you high fees per use.

SimplexPortal has the hallmark of being elected by PayPal as official partner through the entire transaction security and data protection.

metodos de pago

Payment platforms

Platforms: PayPal, cash, payment gateway Visa, Mastercard, American Express (Pasat4B / ECSC / etc.).

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Have you got a business with multiple outlets?  Do you need to stand your company out of the crowd?


Simplex Portal LBS is the only CMS that allow you to, very easily and effectively, publish your business or Point of interest  location and related info across all the sites, social networks or  Augmented Reallity plattforms that your customers are going to use while they search for Local business information


LBS not only locates your points of interest in Geo-platforms, but also gives you the ability to add specific information associated with each entity published: promotions, offers, news, etc.

Locate your business, Why?

Do you know what is now Google telling us about this? "One out of four searches performed through mobile devices have local content. And, of those, 33% end up becoming a purchase " - the head of Google products and solutions for Spain and Portugal, José María García.

There are specific studies that notice us that 20% of searches are carried out based on specific physical locations.

Since June 2012 Google has replaced Google+ for Google Local Places by integrating Google Offers and Google Places.

By using a simple interface you can publish and update your business information through:


The most visited social networks.

The most requested Local search directories and the most amazing Augmented Reallity Mobile Browsers

Other platforms that provide services with Geographical component, etc


publicar en poiserver

Powerful Booking Module

With this module, you give your customer, on the one hand a tool that greatly facilitates the day-to-day business and the possibility that this offers to potential guests a service that allows them to make reservations online..

Defines the types of rooms

You can define as many room types as you want.


Define prices for room types with our "Wizard of prices." You can put all the prices quickly and easily.

Create virtual rooms

Enter all rooms for each room type.


Organize your hotel reservations optimize your time and simplify management maximum.

Manage your rooms as you like

Promote your hotel

Management discounts.

Create and manage coupons for specific dates.

Ideal for face to retain customers.

tipos de descuentos

Decide the type of discount or

You can easily do a discount or an increase in the price of the rooms, simply stating the absolute value or porcentanje you want to discount or increase and decide when you want to apply.

Manage your reservations

restricción de stock


Search for free rooms for the desired date or night, choose the type of room you want and you'll know the total price of the stay.

Save customer requests, personal data and payment.

Do it all in one time without load.

So easy

restricción de stock
restricción de stock

Different payment methods

PayPal Official Partners

SimplexPortal booking lets you create your online payment platform without using intermediaries who charge high rates for their use: PayPal, Google, etc..

SimplexPortal has the hallmark of being chosen by PayPal as official partner thanks to the complete transaction security and data protection.

metodos de pago

Payment platforms

The platforms we use are: PayPal, cash on delivery, payment gateway Visa, Mastercard, American Express (Pasat4B / ECSC / etc.).

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la casina roja



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