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EC, The most ease and powerful e-commerce.

Powerful EC


Organize and categorize your products with an ease drag and drop.

An easy, simple and quick to sort your products.


Relationships between products

Create your own relationship lists and display messages as: "Similar items", "You should buy", "Don't forget", etc.


Featured items

Define featured products as, "new", "sales", etc.

Use this marks to attract attention over your products and to make effective campaigns



Coming soon to SimplexPortal EC

SimplexPortal is currently evolving. In a short time you'll see:

  • New disccount coupons - Creating new type of discount coupons.

  • Mailing - SimplexPortal i's also going to be your emailing plattform.

  • Etc...

mailing a los clientes

Many ways of payment

Certified Paypal Partners

Simplex Portal e-Commerce allows to create your own payment plattform and avoid financial intermediaries: PayPal, Google.

SimplexPortal has the hallmark of being elected by PayPal as official partner. Security and data protection through the entire transaction process.

diferentes formas de pago

Payment platfomrs

Direct connect with electronic payment services.

We use: PayPal, cash on delivery, payment gateway Visa, Mastercard, American Express (Pasat4B / ECSC / etc.).

Customize your sales

User management

You could have your own list of users with: personal details, registration report, sales, etc.

Maybe the most ease and powerful e-commerce.

Manage your sales

Full control over the sales made in the store, amount, payment, customer, date.

Just as a shopping slip with the product, discount coupons, surcharges, etc.


Sales Management

vaciado del carrito

Clear out the shopping cart

You can decide whenever you can clear out the shopping cart.

Avoiding, you have products that are blocked.

Stock management with alerts

You'll receive email alerts once the stock is exceeded.

Sale under minimum

Controls to do if a customer wants products with low minimum stock

control de stock
aviso stock bajo

Manage your postages

You can manage different type of pstages. Costs depending on weight or type of shipping.

Manage your coupons as you like

tipos de descuentos

Promote your store

Management of coupons and discounts.

You can create and manage coupons, promotional codes and discount.

The best for launching promotions or loyalty customers campaigns.


Decide the type of discount

You decide the discount to apply: free shipping, a percentage of the purchase, an absolute value, etc.

Restrict your discount coupons

You can stabilish limitations over your discount coupons as well as deadlines. applicable to a single customer, or to all.