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LBS, locate your business.


Do you know what an LBS Management System is?


LBS is the acronym for - Location Based Services-. The  SimplexPortalLBS module is an integrated tool that will allow you to, very easily and effectively, publish your business or Point of interest  location and information across all the sites, social networks or Augmented Reallity plattforms that your customers are going to use while they search for Local business information.

By using a simple interface you can, publish and update your business information through:

The most visited social networks and the most requested Local search directories

The most amazing Augmented Reallity Mobile Browsers

Other platforms that provide services with Geographical component, etc

SEO Local

Why should you use the LBS module?


Because both, Local searches (Local SEO) and also the spectacularity of the Augmented Reality platforms are already a demand for any business.

Why Local search? you know what is now  Google telling us about this "One out four searches performed through mobile devices have local content. And, of those, 33% end up becoming a purchase " - the head of Google products and solutions for Spain and Portugal, José María García.
There are specific studies that notice us that 20% of searches are carried out based on specific physical locations.

Since June 2012 has replaced Google Google+ Google Local Places by integrating Google Offers and Google Places.

This is all a major boost for local search. And, what are Local searches? those searches that  implicitly includes the user's location:

"Where can we repair the car?" "Where can we sleep?" "I have about a pharmacy?" "Where could i find a restaurant in Miami?"
And so, with the LBS SimplexPortal  module, you can publish and update your business information in several local directories and social networks that will improve your rankings on Google + Local.
Why Augmented Reality?
Because, in addition, you can not only take advantage of this Local information through social networks or search engines, there are platforms that increase the power of this information and also perform a spectacular way to promote your bussiness: Platforms / Augmented Reality applications.
These applications allow the smartphone users visualize the real world (usually through the device's cameras) but with virtual information that users requires. In other words, vast information directly captured by the eyes of your customers augmented with information served by your bussiness.


Who is it for?


Companies that:

  • Have a physical location and need to appear in local searches

  • Have several outlets and need to appear in local searches

  • Involved in event management

  • From the tourist industry

  • Providing services on training industry that want to enhance their offerings with augmented reality apps

  • Involved in the management of infrastructure and street furniture and need to highlight the location of the entities that manage


Organizations that:

  • Manage infrastructures with disparate geographic locations

  • Manage educational institutions that want to improve their offerings with augmented reality apps

  • Involved on  transportation affairs and require to disseminate of their Geo-information

  • Involved on  tourism industry  and require to locate landmarks


Integrated on CMS


LBS module is fully integrated within the content manager  system but can also be used as a indepentent service.

The integration with CMS makes easy the manage and usability for both web prefesionals and customers.


Standards-Based Technology

The module is developed under the most used  LBS market standards. This allows Simplex Portal to publish and update third parties data.


Importable formats

  • KML

  • GML

  • Servicios de ArcGis Server

  • WFS

  • CSV